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ZH-QGQ-1 Automatic Aerosol Filler

The machine is produced by absorption of foreign advanced technology. Its filling end is controlled separately, no discharging without filling; being sealing-guided, the machine will automatically stop if the sealing quality isn’t good; the way of the oriented inflation in the charging end is accurate and efficient with minimal gas consumption. It can be matched with automatic valve supplier,automatic weighing machine, automatic valve actuator presser,automatic capping machine and spray code machine. Being in the peer-leading level, the machine has been exported to Europe, America, Africa, and Southeast Asia.

Technical Parameters:

Filling capacity


Technical Parameters 


Inflation capacity


Inflation Accuracy


Capping accuracy


Production Capacity

1800-3600 cans/hr

Working Pressure


Maximum Air Consumption


Applicable Aerosol Can Diameter


Applicable Aerosol Can Height


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