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ZHJF-16 Electronic counting machine

Working principle
The block bottle device on the passing bottle-track of the conveying bottle system make the bottles which came from the previous equipment stay in the bottling position,waiting to be filled in.The medicine goes into the medicine container in order by the vibration of the feeding corrugated plate.There’s a counting photoelectric sensor installed on the medicine container,after counting of the medicine in the medicine container by the counting photoelectric sensor, the medicine goes into the bottle in the bottling position.
Applicable bottle shape :round、square plastic bottle
Filling material: Φ0~5#capsule、soft capsule、Φ5.5~12compressed tablet、special-shaped tablet、sugarcoated tablet,Φ3~12pill
Production capacity: 20~80 bottles per minute(It depends on the bottle size、filling quantity and the tablet size)

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