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ZRJ-500L Cream Vacuum Emulsification Blender

1. Composition: main machine one set, oil tank one unit, water tank one unit, operation platform one set, 316L stainless steel for the inner material of main tank, oil tank, water tank, 304 stainless steel for jacket material and outer material of main tank, oil tank, water tank.
2. Valid volume for main tank: 550L; Working volume: 500L; Valid volume for oil tank: 250L; Valid volume for water tank: 310L; Oil and water tank is used for pre-heating the material, then the material enters the main tank for emulsification blending.
3. Heating method: heating by electricity, power of main tank: 12kw, power of oil and water tank: 8kw, heating medium can be used by oil or water, if heating by oil, it should heat cycling by oil pump and another oil tank (150L).
4. Cooling method: cooling by water
5. Emulsification method: emulsified by mixer and high-speed scissors. Power: 7.5kw-2p frequency converter
6. Blending method: Frame type overflow mixing paddle is mixing the material and scraping the wall
7. Cap open method: lift by hydraulic pressure, motor power: 2.2kw, with safety auto-lock system.
8. Material feeding method: auto-sucking the material under vacuum from oil and water tank into the main tank.
9. Material releasing method: three ways: 1. From the outlet pipe under the main tank by pneumaticity. 2. From turning over the main tank by electricity. 3. by positive air pressure.
10. Control method: Controlled all by touch screen, including the temperature and material feeding and releasing.
11. Outer dimension: main machine: 2900*1200*2600mm; the maximum lifting height: 3800mm; including the oil and water tank dimension: 3500*3050*2600mm.

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