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ZHBL-1916H Intellectual High-viscosity Filler

Applicable Material: seed coating, SC, Cream high-viscosity materials etc.
1. Accurate measurement: The servo control system to ensure that the total can reach a constant position of the piston.
2. Variable speed filling: In the filling process, when close to the target filling volume to achieve a slow speed can be applied when filling, to prevent fluid overflow bottle pollution.
3. To facilitate the adjustment: Replacement of filling in the specifications only in the touch screen you can change the parameters, and all the filling for the first time changes in place.
Fine-tune the dose on touch screen to adjust.

Applicable bottle diameter


· Height for bottle


· Measure precision
· Volume
· Production capacity
· Air pressure
· Amount of Air-consuming
· Power source 220V50Hz 
· Total power
· Weight
· External dimensions

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