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ZHBL-1922C Controlled Piston Filling Machine

This is our newly developed filling machine, the whole parameters have matched the international advanced level, especially, the partial have exceeded the relative line aboard, also certified by the world famous chemical magnate.

◆This is an inline piston filling machine for cream and liquid. PLC and touch screen
◆control panel are used to control material filling.
◆Accurate measuring, advanced structure, stable operating, low noise, large adjusting range, and fast filling speed.
◆It is also suitable for materials that are easily volatilizing, easily crystallizing or easily bubbling; strong corrosive liquid for rubber, plastic, high viscous liquid, and semi-flow liquid.
◆Adjust and meter value in the control panel of touch screen, meanwhile, each filling head also can be adjusted.
◆The external surface of this machine is made of excellent stainless steel.
Good appearance, apply to GMP standard.

Technical Parameter
mainunit dimension (L×W×H) : 2000mmX1100mmX2200mm
filling heads : 12
bottle size Diameter:φ40mm~φ100mm High:80mm~300mm
bottle mouth size:≥φ18mm
filling volume: 50ml~1000ml
production capacity: ≤6000 p/h
error range: 50ml-100ml≤±1ml 100ml~500ml±0.5% 500ml~1000ml±0.3%
power supply: 220V;50HZ
Power: 1.5kw
pneumatic (air-operated)source: 0.55Mpa~0.65Mpa

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