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ZHDP-1924B Controlled Piston Filling Machine

Major Characteristics
This type is an advanced rotating piston filling machine. It based on special ring guide rail to push liquid cylinder working. So, this type has high measurement accuracy high filling speed, wide filling size range. Little noise, long service life element, easy operating, easy maintaining, high reliability, it is used international famous brand electrical components, the outer parts and all the components that will get in touch with the filling material are made of high grade stainless steel, also applied to GMP standard requirement. It is the best choice for large or medium scale enterprises.

Main Performance Parameter

Power Supply

AC 220V; 50Hz (or according to client voltage requirement)


2.2 KW

Filling Volume Range


Production Capacity


500ml≦5500bottle/hour (take water for rest)

Error Range


Container Size Range

Height 120mm—250mm  Diameter: 50mm—100mm

Machine Weight


Machine Dimension


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