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Full -automatic Following Type Liquid Filling Machine

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The equipment is suitable for filling high-viscosity materials. The piston is driven by a servo motor and matched with a three-way rotary valve to extract and eject materials. And by adjusting the pulse signal of the servo motor to control the filling stroke, the filling volume can be adjusted.

Applicable to: food, cosmetics, daily chemical, agrochemical and other industries.

  • ZHFL-1949M

Abstract:The utility model discloses a full -automatic following type liquid filling machine, include bottle body conveyor belt mechanism, bottle distance dispersion mechanism, follow filling mechanism and alignment sensor, bottle distance dispersion mechanism with follow the middle part of filling mechanism in bottle body conveyor belt mechanism and set gradually along bottle direction of delivery, follow filling mechanism and be equipped with two and irritate the material device, irritate the material device for two and successively follow two adjacent bottles motions in the bottle body conveyor belt mechanism to with the material respectively in filling to the bottle body conveyor belt mechanism in two adjacent bottles, the alignment sensor is equipped with two sets ofly, and two sets of location sensor settings are in bottle body conveyor belt mechanism to lie in the one side of following filling mechanism. The utility model discloses a following two of filling mechanism and irritating the material device and can follow the bottle and move irritating the material in -process, the in -process bottle of irritating the material need not stop, and production efficiency is high, and occupation space is little, greatly reduced equipment cost.

Main performance parameter :

Filling capacity

100ML-1000ML ; 1L-5L; 

Power supply

220V/50HZ 3.5Kw;

Filling error

≤±0.5 grams;

Filling method

servo piston following type;

Number of filling heads

2 heads  / 4 heads

Production speed

1000-3600 bottles/hour

Gas source requirements

stable gas source of 0.6Mpa-0.8Mpa

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