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ZHB-130F Frequency Conversion Technique Intelligent Powder Packing Machine

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Use: It is suitable to pack powder materials in the fields of pharmacy industry, food industry and chemical industry. Such as flour, curry powder, lotus root starch, bean-milk powder, bone-strong powder, spiraling powder etc.

  • ZHB-130F

ZHB-130F packing machine is the packing machine with three couples Rollers,Which is responsible for kinds of powder materialz

Characters of this machine

This machine asopted PLC and Touch Screen controlled

1. Three frequency converters control the vertical sealing,horizontal sealing and horizontal cold sealing roller.No chain transmission has change the situation of the the third horizontal cold sealing adjsut the bag length by hand.The bag length adjustment range is big,no noise,good stability and long life used.

2. Intelligent photoelectric orientation control system has the automatic orientation function for the first bag.Which can get rid of the effection cuased bad printing on the bags,stable and reliable.

3. With packaging film tension compensation function, can eliminate the impact of long bags caused the packaging film tension change

4. Intelligent temparature control system

5. Adopted Hibar pump measuring filling system,can assure high accuracy filling.






Bag Length

70~140mm or100-170mm

Bag width

30~120mm  (choose one size from this range)

To change the width need another bag forming   device

Filling Volume


Filling Accrucy



40~60bag per min

According to the filling volume


3kw / AC380V





Film Roll Diameter


Flim roll inner diameter


Packing Material


Filling system

Horizontal auger filling

Cutting method

Flat Knife、Jag knife、Point race knife

Choose one from them

Optional device

Mterial level control,

Warm keeping hopper,

Coding Device,

Mixing device

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