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ZHF-160 Double Heads Ointment Tube Filler And Sealer

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Tube filling and sealing machine  is suitable for filling all kinds of pasty and high viscous fluid and for large diameter plastic and composite tubes and then internally heating tubes, sealing and printing lot number and date. It is used in the industries of pharmaceutics, foodstuff, cosmetic and bond and so on.
  • ZHF-160



ZHF-160 High-speed double heads Tube Filler and Sealer

Key Features 

ZHF-160 tube filling & sealing machine is provided with 2 filling heads and a set of double-branch tube feeing system.

Applicable to: plastic composite tubes , aluminum plastic composite tubes and metal tubes(optional)

Optional Devices

◆Externally allocated refrigerator

◆Special-shaped sealing devices (wave type sealing device, arc sealing device, T-shaped punching  hole sealing device, metal pipe folding and sealing device)

◆Jacket and barrel heat preservation device

◆Blending device inside the barrel

◆Blowing and sucking type tube cleaning device

◆Nitriding device before and after filling 

◆Automatically controlled material feeding device (pump)

◆Finished tube conveyor

Technical Parameters

Oper ation speed:160/min/(max)

Filling volume:1-300ml

Filling precision:≦±0.5﹪

Suitable tube length:50-240mm

Suitable tube diameter:10-50mm

Power supply:380Volt, 50Hz  (220Volt, 60Hz)

Power of hot-wind generator:3Kw×2

Consumption of compressed air: 1.2 m3

Working pressure:0.6 Mpa

Capacity of hopper:70L


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