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ZHJY-50P Oil Filling & Corking & Capping Machine

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Adopts the mechanical capping, suits for any kind of screw caps, the screw torque can be adjusted, the capping parts adopts the soft silicon material to avoid the scratch the covers when capping.
  • ZHJY-50P



ZHJY-50P Oil Filling & Corking & Capping Machine


This model gathers mechanical, pneumatic, automatic as one unity. Great features such as high automatization and high yield, widely using, good stability make this model more popular.
More functions: automatic bottle transit, automatic bottle detecting(No bottle, no filling) and filling, and automatic cap setting and capping. It's quite suitable for high error  materials .Comparing with oversea products, this one is more competitive:

It is applied for low dose liquid and oil filling, such as shampoo(for hotel), electronic cigarette, eyedrop etc.

Functions:automatic bottle arranging, filling, plugging, cap screwing, labeling. It is equipped with automatic internal plug arranging and external cap pluging testing  which enables non-external pluging without internal plug and elimination of non-external plug.

The labeling adopts belt rolling structure with fast rolling structure and 8-D adjustment of angle label, which realizes the labeling of two symmetric labels or high-precision labeling.



Machine Specification

Filling Volume : 5ml、10ml、20ml、30ml

Yield : 40-50 bottle/min (The maximum production is according to none liquid drop while filling)

Filling Accuracy: ≥99%

Corking Yield Rate: ≥99%

Capping Yield Rate: 99.9%

Power: 1KW  220V single-phase stepless change

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