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ZHLJ-A-80B Smart Vertical Cartoning Machine ZHLJ-A-80B Smart Vertical Cartoning Machine


ZHLJ-A-80B Smart Vertical Cartoning Machine

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The product collects light, engine, electricity, gas together, control by the computer, it’s fit for the machine of edition shape, bottle shape goods such as leechdom, foodstuff, health protection goods to cartoning automatically.
  • ZHLJ-A-80B



Major Characteristics:

The new series cartoning machine built with “BALCONY” design, allowing the mechanical working parts separated from the packaging area. It respects the present accident prevention maintenance and hygienic laws. The machine works with intermittent motion and with electric synchronisms controls, PLC and touch display control system functions recall-able; it is possible memorizing 100 menus with relative data for 100 different productions.

Conveyor type box magazine for easy loading boxes and change over to new box size easily. Special box open device with two side suction cup by means of pull open the box stably.

Main performance parameter:

Shape size: 1600mm * 1200mm * 1500mm

Production capacity: 30-50 box/min

The machine power: 1 KW

The gas consumption: 100-160 L/min

Carton size:  L: 20-80mm  W: 20-80mm  H: 60-200mm (special specifications can be customized)

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