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ZHSP-100Y Sleeve Inserting Machine ZHSP-100Y Sleeve Inserting Machine


ZHSP-100Y Sleeve Inserting Machine

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Multi Pack supplies automatic customized secondary packaging machinery for food products, beverages, liquid chemicals, pharmaceutical products and cosmetics, toiletries, lube & edible oil, pesticides & ancillaries etc
  • ZHSP-100Y



Synchronous transmission system with a strap, changing any strap can finish in 3 min. it maintains more easily and simply, and it does not affect to manufacture.
It is suitable for the containers of φ30-120mm. The cutting seat need not change and debug, and has priority over congeneric productions. The new reamer cuts smoothly and constringency more beautiful.
Steam shrinkage furnace,safe,easy,efficient!high energy sources efficient:it can finish shrinkage perfectly with lowest energy sources.
Safety design:special Thermal insulation layer design,furnace outside keeps normal temperature,doesn’t hurt operator at all.special door clamp design,keep energy sources inside and airproof.

Originate automatic mechanism of incepting label (option) reduces labor intensity consumedly.
With particular design of transmission mechanism, cutting seat and reamer, it shows disdain for the same trade.
With servomotor, high speed, excellent stability.
With high-tech microcomputer controlling, the rate of trouble is low, and servicing is speedy.



Main machine:
  Power supply:φ AC220V 50/60hz
  Power consumption: 3KW
  Outside size:2400(L)*9500(W)*2500(H)
  Quantity of air consumed:50kg/hr
  ContainerRange: 30—85mm (Dia.)
  LabelRange:40—240mm (L)
  0.035—0.082mm (Thickness)
Steam shrinkage furnace:
  Power supply:φ AC220V 50/60hz
  Power consumption: 0.75KW
  Outside size:2000(L)*400(W)*2100(H)

Quantity of air consumed:35kg/hr
Pressure of steam:5kg/cm²

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