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Capping Machine's main workflow and precautions

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Capping Machine's main workflow and precautions

In our daily life, Capping Machine plays a vital role for us, so what are the main work processes and precautions of the Capping Machine? Let's take a look together next.

This is the content list:

  • The main workflow of Capping Machine

  • How to carry out daily maintenance and maintenance of Capping Machine

  • How to deal with common problems of Capping Machine

The main workflow of Capping Machine

We know that after the plastic bottles are sorted by the Capping Machine, they enter the conveyor chain in a single row. In the filling station, the plunger pump injects the liquid in the container into the plastic bottle. After filling, the plastic bottle enters the index plate and stops accurately at the capping station. Manually place the cap of the Capping Machine at the entrance of the friction beltline, take out the capping claw, screw the cap claw, and squeeze the tube claw to complete the capping action. Then the plastic bottle exits the index plate and enters the conveyor chain, and enters the labeling station to complete the round bottle labeling.

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How to carry out daily maintenance and maintenance of Capping Machine

1. Always keep the Capping Machine clean, especially for the electrical appliances on the switchboard, to prevent moisture and dust, and it is forbidden to change the program of the inverter and the program controller at will.

2. The power supply voltage of the Capping Machine should be stable, not exceeding ±15%, the material temperature should be kept at 10℃-40℃, the ambient temperature should be kept at 5℃~40℃, and the temperature should be kept at 5~95%PH.

3. The flowmeter used by the Capping Machine for spray filling is a precision instrument. Therefore, the oil must be precision filtered before it can be filled.

4. Turn off the power supply and oil inlet valve of the Capping Machine after finishing the work.

5. Pay attention to the cleanliness of the infrared sensor from the Capping Machine. Frequently wipe it clean with clean cotton. It is strictly forbidden for any object to approach the sensor during the working process, and strong light should not be directly or reflected on the sensor, otherwise, it will prosper and malfunction.

6. Add cylinder lubricating oil to the pneumatic triplet regularly.

7. When the machine is not used for a long time, all parts should be wiped clean and covered with plastic or tarpaulin to prevent dust.

How to deal with common problems of Capping Machine

First, what should I do if the cylinder piston of the Capping Machine does not work? Confirm whether the safety emergency stop switch is safe. Confirm that the air supply switch of the Capping Machine is turned on. Check if the Capping Machine one-way signal valve is damaged.

Second, what should I do if the Capping Machine cylinder piston does not return after being pushed to the top? Confirm whether the moving target is in contact with the one-way valve.

Third, how to adjust the filling volume of the Capping Machine is inaccurate or not discharged?

Check whether the upper and lower throttle valves of the Capping Machine are closed, and increase the pumping speed of the throttle valve of the cylinder. Make sure that the Capping Machine quick-install tee is locked with a clamp. Confirm whether there are enough materials in the Capping Machine storage box. Make sure that the joints of the pipes of the Capping Machine are sealed.

Fourth, what should I do if the material of the Capping Machine flows out from the rear end of the cylinder? Check whether the sealing ring on the Capping Machine piston is worn. If it is worn, replace it and make sure that the piston and the piston rod are tight.

In addition to timely handling of problems, it is also necessary to do a good job of preventive work in advance. Doing a good job in daily maintenance can also reduce the failure rate of the Capping Machine. The daily maintenance and maintenance of the Capping Machine cannot be underestimated. This is a very important step. Daily maintenance on time can effectively extend the service life of the Capping Machine, improve the production efficiency of the enterprise, and keep Capping Machine in normal operation throughout the day, reducing manpower. The loss of material resources.

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