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How should I solve the problem of " post-crooked" during the use of the labeling machine?

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How should I solve the problem of " post-crooked" during the use of the labeling machine?

There is already a lot of knowledge about the Labeling Machine in the market, but the Labeling Machine will appear crooked in the process of using it. How should this be solved? Let's take a look together next.

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Reasons for Labeling Machine crooked during use

Labeling Machine appears to "post crooked" solution

Reasons for Labeling Machine crooked during use

Why does Labeling Machine post crookedly during use? There are two factors: one is running in an environment that is not suitable for Labeling Machine work, and the other is the lack of maintenance of Labeling Machine equipment. The round Labeling Machine adopts self-adhesive roll labeling paper, and the labeling adopts the rolling method to complete the labeling process. The self-adhesive Labeling Machine is clean and hygienic, non-mold, beautiful, and firm after labeling, and will not fall off by itself, and production efficiency Higher merits. If you can do both of these things, you can eliminate the problem of inaccurate labeling.

Labeling Machine appears to "post crooked" solution

First, stop the Labeling Machine, and then inspect whether the labeling heads on both sides of the Labeling Machine are loose. Use the tools configured by the manufacturer to stabilize the Labeling Machine. Check whether the Labeling Machine wraps the label's trays for looseness or uneven rotation speed. Add engine oil to lubricate. Round bottle Labeling Machine realizes labeling or filming on the circumferential surface of cylindrical and conical products, such as glass bottles, plastic bottles, etc. It can realize circumferential, semicircular, circumferential double-sided, circumferential positioning labeling and other functions, mainly vertical There are two ways of labeling and horizontal labeling. Then inspect the parameters of the Labeling Machine operating system to avoid labeling different products under the same parameters of the Labeling Machine. Finally, adjust the labeling head and place the labeling product separately. When the conveyor belt is conveyed, whether the Labeling Machine shakes or shakes the first two These steps must be performed after the Labeling Machine stops. If the above two cannot solve the labeling problem of the Labeling Machine, please do not disassemble and replace the internal parts of the device privately. You need to transfer the professional to repair the Labeling Machine.

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