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How to maintain Bag Packing Machine equipment?

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Most Bag Packing Machines track and adjust various mechanical parameters through intelligent control instruments and menu-type software on the touch screen. The electronic display shows the length of the cut bag, the packaging speed, the net content of the filling, and the packaging output, etc., which can be understood at a glance. The standard color code tracking photoelectric system of the Bag Packing Machine can ensure the correct printing patterns of the packaged products. In addition, Bag Packing Machine can perform online status monitoring and fault diagnosis analysis of the working process. Once a problem occurs, Bag Packing Machine will automatically stop and display the cause and solution of the fault. So how do we maintain the Bag Packing Machine equipment in actual production? Let's take a look together next.

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l Maintenance after production

l Machine parts lubrication

l Care instructions

Maintenance after production

Every day after production, employees must clean the Bag Packing Machine before leaving get off work. First, the material barrels are cleaned in the warehouse, and the remaining materials on the tray are cleaned and kept clean. The remaining materials in other parts are cleaned up to prepare for the next use of the Bag Packing Machine.

Machine parts lubrication

The box part of the Bag Packing Machine is equipped with an oil gauge. The oil should be filled once before the Bag Packing Machine is turned on. It can be added in the middle according to the temperature rise and operating conditions of each bearing. The Bag Packing Machine worm gearbox must store oil for a long time. The oil level is high enough that the worm gear invades the oil. If it is used frequently, the oil must be replaced every three months. There is an oil plug at the bottom for draining oil. When refueling the Bag Packing Machine, do not let the oil spill out of the cup, let alone flow around the Bag Packing Machine and on the ground. Because oil is easy to pollute materials and affect product quality.

Care instructions

Check the parts of the Bag Packing Machine regularly, once a month, check whether the movable parts of the Bag Packing Machine worm gear, worm, lubricating block, bearings, and other moving parts are flexible and worn. If any defects are found, they should be repaired in time and should not be used reluctantly. The Bag Packing Machine should be used in a dry and clean room, and should not be used in places where the atmosphere contains acids and other gases that are corrosive to the body. When the Bag Packing Machine roller moves back and forth during work, please adjust the screws on the front bearing to the proper position. If the gear shaft of the Bag Packing Machine moves, please adjust the screws behind the bearing frame to the proper position, adjust the gap so that the bearing does not make a noise, turn the belt pulley by hand, and tighten properly. Too tight or too loose can make the Bag Packing Machine happen. The possibility of damage. If it is out of service for a long time, the Bag Packing Machine must be wiped and cleaned, and the smooth surface of the machine must be coated with anti-rust oil and covered with a cloth canopy.

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