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Intelligent Following Type Capping Machine Intelligent Following Type Capping Machine
Intelligent Following Type Capping Machine Intelligent Following Type Capping Machine


Intelligent Following Type Capping Machine

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High-precision screw cap, precise grip, reliable screw cap, stainless steel, professional surface treatment, three claws in a triangular shape, internal wear-resistant tendon strip to prevent metal from directly contacting the lid , reduce the wear of the cap.
  • ZHXG-1979C



The product is the latest capping machine designed by our company. The overall performance of the product has reached the international advanced level. Some of the products have exceeded the best level of similar foreign products and have been approved by the world's giant companies. This product is a track-type capping machine, with PLC and touch screen automation control, with accurate measurement, advanced structure, stable operation, low noise, wide adjustment range, fast speed, easy to change specifications, all parts are use high-quality stainless steel, is the ideal packaging equipment for various industries. PLC has a memory function, and can simultaneously memorize the combination of five doses and operating parameters, mechanical structure is simple, large space, greatly facilitate the replacement of the specifications of the adjustment.




Power supply

AC220V/380V; 50/60 Hz (may customized)


7Kw/13 Kw

Air source

0.55Mpa-0.6Mpa clean and stable compressed air

Container spec.

L: Φ100mm-Φ250mm; W:100mm-250mm height: 10mm~35mm; diameter: Φ18mm~Φ80mm

Number of capping head

1 / 2 / 3

Production capacity

 1500 / 3000 bottles/hour

Machine weight

about 1500Kg

Machine dimension (L×W×H)


Packaging percent of pass

≥99.9% (Bottle center deviation < 1 mm, bottle month height deviation < 1 mm)

Height of touch screen from ground


Bottle inlet direction

From left to right

Single machine production efficiency


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Wenzhou Zungwan Intelligent Machine Co.,Ltd. is the professional automatic filling machine manufacturer to keep researching and developing the packing machinery for every type of liquid, powder, cream/ointment, fluid and half-fluid etc.materials. We have Obtained ISO9001...

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