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NCP-19V Reagent tube filling machine

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This machine is the main filling and sealing equipment in the liquid filling production line, which can automatically complete the action of reagent tube automatic unpacking, automatic feeding, liquid automatic filling, automatic capping, capping and so on. This unit has short production flow, no intermediate storage bottle, easy to arrange production, simple structure, strong practicability, and is an ideal supporting equipment.

  • NCP-19V


This machine is mainly applied to various products in tubes, like diagnostic reagent,  detection reagent, vaccine etc

peristaltic pump or piston pump etc keep the filling liquid clean ,has high measuring precision .

The machine finished all works of bottle feeding, filling, putting inner plug if there is and capping automatically.


  • High filling accuracy

  • Suitable for different bottle size ,1ml-100ml

  • The machine adopts full-auto PLC and human-computer touch screen control system.

  • No bottles ,stop filling

  • No bottles ,No caps feeding .

  • Magnetic moment capping head, adjustable on pine, tight, do not damage the jar and cap.

  • Versatility, suitable for different specifications and bottle type, changing accessories convenient;

  • Photoelectric detection devices make the machine realize down work to protection and automatic start up when lack of bottle or more bottles and other working fault

  • Stepless speed regulation, the microcomputer, man-machine interface control, convenient operation adjustment

  • Mechanical arm take and put cap, stable and very accurate




Packing material


Filling nozzle

1/2/4 etc

bottle size


Filling Volume




Total power consumption


Machine Weight

Approx. 500 Kgs

Air supplier


Single machine noise


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