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Pharmaceutical Filler and Capper operation process and precautions

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With the continuous development of our production life, the emergence of Pharmaceutical Filler and Capper has brought great convenience to the industry. So what are the procedures and precautions for Pharmaceutical Filler and Capper? Let's take a look at it.

This is the content list:

l The operation method of Pharmaceutical Filler and Capper

l Safety rules for the use of Pharmaceutical Filler and Capper

l Precautions for Pharmaceutical Filler and Capper

The operation method of Pharmaceutical Filler and Capper

Pharmaceutical Filler and Capper installation precautions before use check, after the machine is installed, turn on the power, test runs the three-phase motor to ensure that the correct direction of operation, ensure that the pressure and flow of compressed air, check whether the motor, bearings, etc. need to be lubricated, no oil-free operation is strictly prohibited, normal before starting Pharmaceutical Filler and Capper. Filler And Capper at the same time, observe whether the fasteners of each part are loose, and only after the operation of each part is stable, can it be used normally. Check whether the function of the safety facilities of Pharmaceutical Filler and Capper is normal, check carefully whether there is water in all water tanks, whether the chainplate is stuck, whether there is debris on the conveyor belt, whether there are caps in the storage box, whether the water, power, and gas sources are connected before starting the machine. After all, conditions are ready, then close the main power QF, power indicator light, fault indicator, emergency stop indicator light is not on, then the start conditions are available, press the start button on the control box and the start switch at the filling, after the buzzer three warning, the whole machine starts running, take external washing, rinsing, filling fully automatic work mode, stop can be at the filling and control box press the stop button after the stop should turn off the main power.

Pharmaceutical Filler and Capper safety rules of use

1. No foreign objects (such as tools, rags, etc.) in Pharmaceutical Filler and Capper equipment.

2. Pharmaceutical Filler and Capper should not be allowed to have abnormal noise, if there is, it should be stopped immediately to check the reason.

3. All protective materials should be safe and reliable, it is strictly prohibited to wear clothing that may be hung by moving parts (such as scarves, bracelets, watches, etc.).

4. Long hair, should wear a hair cover.

5. Do not use water and other liquids to clean the electrical unit.

6. Cleaning should wear work clothes, gloves, glasses, etc., to prevent strong acid, strong alkali corrosion.

7. When Pharmaceutical Filler and Capper is running, someone must monitor it and do not approach the machine with tools or other objects.

8. Don't let the staff who are not related to the operation approach the installation of Pharmaceutical Filler and Capper.

Precautions for Pharmaceutical Filler and Capper

1、After unpacking Pharmaceutical Filler and Capper, first check whether the random technical information is complete and whether the machine is damaged in transportation, to solve the problem in time.

2、Install and adjust the feeding and discharging components according to the shape illustration in this manual.

3、Lubricate each lubrication point with new lubricant.

4、Turn the Pharmaceutical Filler and Capper by shaking the handle, check whether the Pharmaceutical Filler and Capper are running in the correct direction (facing the motor spindle in the counterclockwise direction), and the installation precautions of the Pharmaceutical Filler and Capper must be protected from grounding.

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