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What are the adjustment methods of the Capping Machine?

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Capping Machine is filling equipment specially designed for new oral liquid easy-pull bottles. The design is reasonable, the structure is simple, the operation is convenient, and a mechanical stop filling device is provided for lack of bottles. So what are the adjustment methods of the Capping Machine? Let's take a look together next.

This is the content list:

l Capping Machine feeding half adjustment

l Matters needing attention in discharging

l Adjustment of the locking device

l Vibrator adjustment

Capping Machine feeding half adjustment

Adjust the bottle blocking plate on the feeding half of the Capping Machine upwards to shorten the adaptation to the bottle feeding stroke. Adjust downwards to make the Capping Machine adapt to the extension of the bottle feeding stroke. Adjust the positioning bottle position left and right to align the bottle position when the movable tooth is running, so that the bottle can be fed into the positioning tooth smoothly. Adjust the bottle blocking plate of the Capping Machine so that the width of the bottle inlet is about 22 mm.

Adjust the perfusion Capping Machine component. The role of the perfusion Capping Machine component is to make the liquid medicine be delivered to each easy-pull bottle in time through the dosing device, one-way valve, and needle. Therefore, the needle must enter the bottle mouth properly and the filling time must be appropriate. Adjust the Capping Machine side cam to rotate clockwise or counterclockwise so that the needle is inserted into the bottle mouth just after the empty bottle enters the toothed position. And lift the needle before leaving the toothed position. The filling time of the Capping Machine is adjusted. Turn the cam clockwise or reverse the adjustable needle into the bottle mouth and start filling immediately, and stop filling before the needle leaves the bottle mouth.

Matters needing attention in discharging

Since the Capping Machine is an easy-pull bottle filling and locking device, the discharging has been capped and sealed. To prevent the locked bottle from overturning, it must be placed on the Capping Machine discharge hopper before the first bottle is discharged. Several empty bottles can be transported to the discharge hopper smoothly to keep the locked bottles and sent to the next process with the bottle hopper.

Adjustment of the locking device

Capping Machine capping time adjustment, adjust the cam rotation angle. When the filling liquid bottle enters the locking tooth position, the locking shaft has moved and left the bottle cap before the moving tooth approaches the bottle. The capping pressure is adjusted, and the capping pressure is adjusted. The size of the cap pressure is directly related to the quality of the lock. If the pressure is too high to break the easy-pull bottle, and the pressure is too small, it will affect the sealing performance. Therefore, the nut should be adjusted according to the actual average height of the easy-pull bottle to adjust the pressure to the best.

Capping Machine blade action time adjustment, the blade should be close to the bottleneck before the end of the capping, otherwise, the locking effect of some short bottles cannot be achieved. Loosen the nut during adjustment, and adjust the shaft and up and down to make the blade action time sooner or later. When adjusting the lock of the Capping Machine, pay attention to the locking of the nuts after the adjustment of each department. The easy-pull bottle must be used for the initial valve test. The average height must be taken. Irregular easy-pull bottles cannot enter the lock to avoid damage to the parts.

Vibrator adjustment

The Capping Machine adopts the principle of electromagnetic oscillation to drop the bottle cap to the proper position along the track according to a certain movement trajectory. The vibrator is packaged separately when it leaves the factory, and the lower rail opening must be aligned with the movement rail of the easy-pull bottle when installed. To adjust the gap between the magnets of the Capping Machine, loosen the screw, open the cover, adjust the nut, and make the vibration of the Capping Machine low and fast.

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