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What are the labeling requirements for Labeling machines?

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After the Labeling machine sensor sends a signal that the labeling object is ready to be labeled, the drive wheel on the Labeling machine turns up. As the rolled label is in a tight state on the equipment, when the Labeling machine backing paper is tightly attached to the peeling plate and changes direction, the Labeling machine label is forced to disengage due to the rigidity of its material and is ready to be labeled. At this time, the labeling object is located just below the label, under the action of the labeling wheel, to achieve synchronous labeling. After the Labeling machine has finished labeling, the sensor under the roll label sends a stop signal, the drive wheel comes to a standstill, and a labeling cycle end. No matter which type of Labeling machine, the labeling process is roughly the same. The difference is that the installation position of the Labeling machine is different, the labeling object is conveyed differently and positioned differently, and the form of the labeling roller of the Labeling machine is also different. So, what are the Labeling machine's requirements for labels? Let's look at it together next.

This is the content list:

l Surface material

l Release force

l At the end of the paper

l Processing quality

Surface material

Labeling machine label stiffness is the key to labeling, so the Labeling machine surface material is required to have a certain strength and hardness. Labeling machine label stiffness and the thickness of the material and the area of the label, so the Labeling machine in the use of soft film material should be appropriate to increase its thickness, generally controlled at 100μm or more. Labeling machine thin paper materials, such as 60 ~ 70g/m2 labeling paper, are generally not suitable for the production of large labels, but suitable for processing into small labels, such as price tags used on the price tag. Labeling machine label stiffness is not good, it will cause labeling out of the label, or label and backing paper reward so that the automatic labeling failure.

Peel-off force

Labeling machine peel-off force is the force at which the label is separated from the backing paper by the Labeling machine. The Labeling machine release force is related to the type and thickness of the adhesive, the silicone coating on the surface of the backing paper, and the ambient temperature at the time of labeling. If the Labeling machine release force is too small, the label will easily fall off (leave the backing paper) during the conveying process. The Labeling machine's release force is too large, the label will be difficult to detach from the backing paper, and it will not be able to produce labels. The Labeling machine should be integrated control of the technical indicators so that the release force is maintained within a reasonable range.

At the end of the paper

Is also an important indicator to control automatic labeling. The requirements of the Labeling machine base paper surface silicon-coated evenly, the Labeling machine peeling force is consistent. Uniform thickness and good tensile strength ensure that the Labeling machine will not break when labeling. Uniform thickness and good light transmission of the Labeling machine ensure that the sensor can correctly identify the location of the label.

Processing quality

Requires that both sides of the Labeling machine backing paper after slitting should be flat and free of fracture to avoid the backing paper from breaking when the tension changes. Labeling machine die-cutting, to avoid cutting through the backing paper or damage to the silicone layer. If the Labeling machine backing paper and silicone coated layer are destroyed, the Labeling machine backing paper will break easily or the glue in the label will penetrate the backing paper. In addition, the static electricity in the web label must be eliminated before Labeling machine labeling, because static electricity will lead to Labeling machine labeling failure or labeling inaccuracy.

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