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What are the precautions for Bottle Unscrambler?

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Bottle Unscrambler scientific maintenance and daily management institutionalization are very important. Scientific maintenance and the establishment of a daily management and use system have a very important role and significance for the actual use of mechanical products. It improves the standardization and performance of daily maintenance. It is more convenient for people to choose, especially it can be better suited to play the role of mechanical products in actual production. It is necessary to carry out reasonable maintenance and management of Bottle Unscrambler to improve the performance advantages of the product itself and let Bottle Unscrambler can help production in time during operation. So what are the precautions for Bottle Unscrambler? Let's take a look together next.

This is the content list:

l Things to do when installing Bottle Unscrambler

l Precautions when using Bottle Unscrambler

l Matters needing attention when cleaning the automatic Bottle Unscrambler

Things to do when installing Bottle Unscrambler

1. Before installing the Bottle Unscrambler, we need to check the Bottle Unscrambler thoroughly to see if the materials are complete and whether it is damaged. If you find a problem, please communicate with the manufacturer in time to solve it.

2. After checking the completion of the Bottle Unscrambler, follow the installation instructions to assemble the Bottle Unscrambler and adjust accordingly. Then add lubricating oil to the place that needs lubrication to ensure the flexibility of the Bottle Unscrambler.

3. After the test run Bottle Unscrambler, if it runs normally, it means that the installation of Bottle Unscrambler is completed.

Precautions when using Bottle Unscrambler

1. According to Bottle Unscrambler production conditions, choose to use a power supply that meets Bottle Unscrambler specifications.

2. To prevent electric shock, the Bottle Unscrambler must be well-grounded. Please equip the Bottle Unscrambler with a power socket with a ground wire.

3. After turning off the Bottle Unscrambler power switch, there is still strong voltage in some circuits in the electrical control of the machine. If the control circuit needs to be repaired, the power cord must be unplugged to avoid electric shock.

Matters needing attention when cleaning the automatic Bottle Unscrambler

1. If the company needs to disassemble and wash the Bottle Unscrambler, please do not turn off the air source and power supply.

2. Avoid electric shock to Bottle Unscrambler. When disassembling the Bottle Unscrambler, do not directly rinse the body with water, because the Bottle Unscrambler is equipped with electrical control components. If the components contact the water source, there is a risk of electric shock and may damage the Bottle Unscrambler components.

3. It is strictly forbidden to show the residues of the filled items on the Bottle Unscrambler, such as oil stains, paints, etc. The existence of these things will accelerate the corrosion of the Bottle Unscrambler and affect its service life. If any residual items are found, they should be cleaned up in time.

4. Lubricate the Bottle Unscrambler regularly, clean the Bottle Unscrambler every once in a while, and make a cleaning record for later review.

We have obtained ISO9001 quality management system certification, and some products have passed CE certification. The production of Bottle Unscrambler is strictly controlled. If you are interested in Bottle Unscrambler, you can contact us. Our website is www.cnzpack.com.

Please leave your email to us and we will be in touch within 24 hours.
Wenzhou Zungwan Intelligent Machine Co.,Ltd. is the professional automatic filling machine manufacturer to keep researching and developing the packing machinery for every type of liquid, powder, cream/ointment, fluid and half-fluid etc.materials. We have Obtained ISO9001...

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