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What are the precautions for daily maintenance of the Cartoning machine?

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Cartoning machine is the description of automatic loading of medicine bottles, trays, ointments, etc. into folded cartons and completing the capping action. Some Cartoning machines with stronger functions also have functions such as sealing labels or heat shrink packaging. So what are the considerations for the daily maintenance of the Cartoning machine? Let's take a look together next.

This is the content list:

l Comply with safe operating procedures

l Refuel or change the oil on time

l Be organized

l Clean inside and outside of equipment

Comply with safe operating procedures

Comply with the Cartoning machine's safety operating procedures and do not overload the equipment. The Cartoning machine's safety protection devices are complete and reliable, and unsafe factors are eliminated in time. For example: Do not touch the inverter within 5 minutes after the power of the Cartoning machine is cut off because it will have a relatively high residual voltage, which will be released after a few minutes. After the Cartoning machine work is finished, you should do a good job of cleaning, use a brush to remove all unclean things, and check whether the power is turned off.

Refuel or change the oil on time

Cartoning machine is well lubricated, add oil or change oil on time, keep oiling, no dry friction. The Cartoning machine should be refueled before starting up. Where there is reciprocating motion, add oil, twice a day, 5-6 drops each time. Add butter once a month to the bearings of the rotating part on both sides of the folding machine. Grease the sliding part of the tongue guide once a week.

Be organized

Cartoning machine tools, accessories, and workpieces (products) should be neatly arranged, Cartoning machine pipes and lines should be organized.

Equipment interior and exterior clean

The interior and exterior of the Cartoning machine equipment should be clean and tidy. All sliding surfaces, lead screws, rack and pinion, gearbox, oil holes, etc. are free of oil and dirt, and all parts of the Cartoning machine do not leak oil or air. The debris, debris, and dirt around the equipment should be cleaned up. For example, there should be no foreign objects in the main motor of the Cartoning machine, the casing should be kept clean, the cooling fan should be good, and it should be maintained regularly. Cartoning machine photoelectric switch and proximity switch detection surface should not have foreign matter and pollution, otherwise, it will cause malfunction. The detection distance should be properly adjusted, and the bracket should be kept tight and not loose to avoid damage when the machine is running. The electrical components inside and outside the electrical cabinet of the Cartoning machine must be kept clean and well dissipated.

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