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ZHGX-60EM Continuous Suppository Filling And Capping Machine

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  • ZHGX-60EM



ZHGX-60EM Continuous Suppository Filling And Capping Machine


ZHGX-60EM Type machine is designed for suppository tube filing and capping.The machine can finish the whole packaging progress of automatically unscrambling,filling,cap sorting,cap feeding,capping and finishing product outlet.

Operator manually place the tubes into the tube loading hopper,tube loading hopper will automatically deliver the empty tubes to the tube unscrambler for feeding the tubes to the main machine.

After entering into the main machine, the  ceramic synchronized filling system will doing the tracking filling.

After filling tubes will enter into the capping station.The cam cap picking system will pick up the caps from the cap starwheel and doing the tracking cap pressing progress.


Filling range:           4-40ml

Filling heads Quantity:  2 heads

Capping heads quantity:  2 heads

Speed:                  40bottles per min

Filling accuracy;       ≤±1.5%     

Compressed Air:         0.4-0.6Mpa 

Air consumption:        3㎡/Hour

Power:                  1.3KW

Electric Source:        220V   50Hz

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