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ZHSR-4C Automatic Water Emulsion Filling And Capping Machine

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Integrate with air cleaning, filling, inserting, capping and outlet function, suits for fill the

water injection, lotion and cream products.This machine adopts the double line program air cleaning, filling, capping and outlet.

  • ZHSR-4C

ZHSR-4C automatic water emulsion filling and capping machine

Liquid, lotion, cream generic.

Automatic filling, within corking, capping, the container is discharged.

Linear operation, automatic maneuver recycled jig.

Fixture adjustable, exchange bottle type simply adjust the clamp to fill different bottle.

Servo motor control sneak follow filling, to prevent the filling material outside the spray when the bubble.

Servo motors combined with the rotary valve, piston quantitative filling, easy to control, regulate simple, high precision filling volume for the filling material more widely.

Capping servo lifting, robot gripping capping, cap size adjustable, capping torque adjustable, no damage to the cap, capping a high success rate.

Robot automatically discharged finished, convenient and reliable.

Equipped with moving wheels, easy to move. Machine with sanitary stainless steel, aluminum manufacturing quality, clean and hygienic.

Anyone can skillfully operate in a short time.

Man-machine interface with a recipe function, simply replace the product that you need to select the recipe can be realized easily and quickly.

The most suitable for the daily output of 15,000 to 25,000.

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