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ZHJM-40 Mascara Filling & Plugging And Capping Machine

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Mascara filling, using an optimized dosing system in order to:


  • fill a very thick product,
  • obtain high dosing accuracy even through the volumes to be filled are very small (5 to 10 ml),
  • achieve product priming, while very difficult due to its high viscosity,
  • avoid air trapping by using “bottom-up” filling, which is absolutely essential because of the very narrow neck diameter of the mascara bottle.
  • ZHJM-40



Mascara Filling &Plugging and Capping Machine with functions of automatic filling, loading brush and capping. The whole machine adopts PLC control, with the function of no bottle no filling, no brush no cover, easy operation and adjustment conveniently.

This machine apply to dope material cosmetics product which needn’t be heat up, such as nail polish, mascara.


Used for Mascara, Lip gloss etc.

With automatically functions: Feeding containers and plugs, Filing and Capping. Including the unqualified rejection and good products into next steps etc..

Capping without plug, or plugging without cap, which will be rejected. If no plug, no cap, machine will give an alarm, stop working.

Feeding capping by XZ axis manipulator to take and place into mouth of containers by pneumatic with high precision.



Main technical parameter:

Main motor power: 0.75KW

Production Capacity : 40pcs/min

Filling volume: 5-20ml

Air supply pressure: 0.6-0.8Mpa

Dimension: 175*1650*1820mm

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