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ZHY-50JY Perfume Filling And Capping Machine

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Perfume filling and capping machine gathers optics, mechanism, electricity, pneumatics with high automatization & rate of finished product, wide adaptability & stability. it adopt PLC control, easy operation, convenient adjustment. Due to high technology and good quality, it is ideal equipment for perfume manufacturers!
  • ZHY-50JY



ZHY-50 Perfume filling and capping machine

automatic low vacuum filling, auto bottle detecting ( no bottle no filling), filling for three times,auto dropping of spray head cap, circulation of perfume bottles’ die set, it is wide adaptability which can meet to the requirements of different dimension and filling volume of containers.

It is equiped with air cleaning for bottles, quantitive  filling,  negative pressure filling, pump placing , lid rolling, jacket placing ,capping,rejecting, labeling and end product collecting etc. 

Moulds move in circles, easy to change bottles;Stepping motor for quantitive filling, fast to adjust filling volume;Negative pressure device is used to fill in the same liquid level;Manipulator for pump placing and pre-rolling is applied to increase pump rolling rate; 

Elastic rolling head is to avoid the bottle body from damage. 

Machine Specification

Filling volume: 5~120ml

Filling speed: 30-50瓶/min

Filling accuracy: ≤±1%

Finish products rate of cap dropping and locking: ≥99%

Main machine power: 1KW  220/380 V  frequency control

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